Ep #11 Building an empire with #podmama Katie Wyatt

So honoured to have podcast queen and biz whisperer Katie Wyatt who is the founder of Podwell a course for new podcasters (which is how I have my podcast) and host of 2 podcasts, Wellness Entrapeneur (now Empire By Design) and #ladyboss chats podcast with Elle Roberts, who was last weeks guest.

Katie is a mama to 3 kids and twins babies. We are both podcast addicts and we chat about the power of connecting with others by podcasting and how it is our creative outlet to find joy.

We chat about creation and marketing and how to manage your time blending motherhood and business.

Learn why outsourcing is essential and why you need help. Business and motherhood is a team sport and how to let go motherhood guilt.

We chat about other mentors that have influenced us, having visual reminders and using anchors in your day to manifest your intentions into reality.

We chat about having a 2 year plan and the power of being ahead of the game when it comes to your business by looking at what is happening in your industry.

Katie shares her tips on self-care, staying grounded, going offline and being present with her kids and why we all need to get bored to get creative.

I love this quote  –  “Part – time working mums are the most efficient people”

Listen here 

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