Become a Magnetic Mama 
with mentor and author Leonie Percy
Imagine a life where you have a business that sets your soul on fire. You attract clients with one thought. Motherhood feels joyful. You are fearless and are living your highest truth.

Being a mother is such a consuming and life changing experience and it makes you want to be the best version of yourself. As your babies grow you realise that  you have a deeper purpose you feel called to share with the world. You want to turn adversity into opportunity. All the mamas I mentor  are united by this thread. They want to help and heal other mamas and their families. 

 I see you as the divine light that you already are. 

 You can be a mindful mother who is present with her kids and have a beautiful business that lights you up and brings you joy.

Using my 6 step mindful mama mentorship program, you will learn :
Discover your "why" and connect with your purpose. Build your business blueprint by discovering your intersection, finding your niche, connecting to your ideal client. 
How to manage your time and overwhelm by using mindfulness as a powerful tool to create, focus, be present and blend motherhood and business with ease and grace.  
Learn how to be fearless and elevate your vibration to attract opportunities and clients with your energy.
Together we will map out how you will market your message to your ideal client and share your story with vulnerablity and truth to build a dedicated tribe. 
Discover how to manifest whatever you desire into your life. With one thought.

Understand you how to manage your money and create an abundance mindset so you are a money magnet. ​​​​​​​

Mama, you will live life from your heart, not your head and be in divine flow, so you can live the life of your dreams. I will support and guide you to overcome your fears leaving your comfort zone so you can live your life in the magic zone.
A life filled with an abundance of love and joy.
“This has been a life-changing experience for me. I feel so fulfilled that I was able to bring a dream of mine to reality. Leonie was so supportive and just as helpful with business strategy as she was mindset. It was key having someone help me along through every process and I know it simply would not have been the same outcome without her help. I am so happy right now because I’ve done this mentorship program.”
Becky, Founder of www.eatwhatweeat.com
“Leonie’s program has helped me to find direction, given me confidence to pursue my dreams and inspired me to be a more mindful mum. I feel I can now support, nurture and empower other women with The Pink Elephants Support Network. Thanks Leonie!”
Samantha, Founder of www.pinkelephantssupport.com 
“I wasn’t sure what value a mentor would be. And then I met Leonie. Over our 3 sessions Leonie gave me confidence in my business idea; she linked me up with other Mamas who were inspiring, connected and creative; she instilled in me the importance of maintaining self-care in the midst of working on my idea; mostly Leonie was a wise, generous, soulful Mum and entrepreneur several steps ahead of me who helped me to see the next steps ahead on my journey. Oh, and she lay on the floor and spent time doing mindfulness exercises with my 3-year-old! Thank you, Leonie!”
Clare Foale, Founder of www.clarefoale.com

Taking time to focus on you is the best investment you will make because your whole family will benefit. I have taught mamas to practice self-care, live in flow, create charities, launch workshops, develop programs, write books, launch blogs and connected them with other mama chiefs to collaborate. 

When we have our monthly sessions I will guide you and connect  you with what you need right NOW on your journey. A mentor is like travelling through time. I have been walking this path for 6 years. I will save you time and money. 

I practice what I preach and have manifested so much love and success in my life after going through a divorce which left me a single mama. I am now re-married and am happier than I have ever been. My journey has taught me compassion, gratitude, focus and the power of presence.

I have a multi award winning business, with an international award winning book, and a global podcast in over 30 countries. I would be honoured to help you achieve the life you desire.
“Leonie is a fantastic mentor/coach and inspiration. Her warm, enthusiastic and practical approach is just what I needed at this stage of my biz. I feel very grateful to have worked with her and look forward to connecting or collaborating in the future. She is 1 of a kind!”
Anna Chisholm, Founder of www.annachisholm.com
“I feel like it has really given me the kick and confidence to start my own business. Leonie is so understanding of what it is like to be a mum and start up your own creative project. I really needed that understanding that it is hard but not impossible! Having the accountably to action my dreams and passions was so helpful.”
Julie Marsdon   Founder of www.thegooddragonfly.com 
“ It was only after working with Leonie that the real meaning of self-care dropped in for me. It’s utterly crucial! My beautiful kids don’t need a martyr, they need a calm, engaged, happy and fulfilled mum who is also out there making her mark on the world as an independent and individual woman. When I’m that woman, I’m the best mum I can be. I’m excited to see how the skills I’ve learnt from Leonie will continue to positively affect my little family.”
Greer Worsley Founder of www.typicallyred.com   
"I would highly recommend this program to other mamas. Leonie is a pleasure to work with and I really felt like she listened to my needs and tailored her approach to suit them (not a one-size-fits-all style of mentoring). I can't recommend Leonie enough, well worth the investment. Along with many other things she has given more confidence in my abilities and helped guide me in the right direction using the perfect blend of business coaching and mindfulness." 
Amy Dawes Founder of Australian Birth Trauma Association    

3 or 6 x 1 hour one on one online sessions
Online mindfulness for Mums program. 
Copy of Mother Om – signed with love
12 month mindfulness journal
A sisterhood of magical mamas with monthly accountability calls with my past and present clients.
Pricing Options
  • THREE one on one mentoring  sessions. One per month. 
  • 3 monthly calls with expert mentors. TOTAL - SIX hours of support plus a private FB group for clients to connect
  • Copy of Mother Om Mindfulness Journal 
    Online Mindfulness Course 

  • SIX one on one mentoring sessions. One per month 
  • 3 monthly calls with expert mentors. TOTAL - NINE hours of support plus a private FB group for clients to connect 
  • Copy of Mother Om
    Mindfulness Journal 
    Online Mindfulness Course 

If you want to chat to me about how I can serve you, I offer a 1.5 hour strategy session for $111 to see if the connection feels right for you. I only work with clients that honour the same values as me. If you are passionate about making a difference, and you are ready to commit, there is no time like the present.   
About me 
My name is pronounced like Princess Leia - knee. I am a mama to 2 little gurus, business mentor, author, writer, speaker, mindful maven, podcaster and change maker. I love to dance with my kids, do yoga and I am a social butterfly who thrives on connection with others. My mission is to shine my light and inspire others to do the same. 
I am the founder of Yoga Mamata and author of the book Mother Om. I am the host of the Magnetic Mama podcast.

I will nurture, support and guide you. I will change, teach and inspire you.
ove and light.

Leonie xx