Overcoming Fear, Resistance and Self Sabotage with Anita Banks and Leonie Percy

Do you ever feel that you are holding your self back in business or constantly worried about what choice to make? You are most certainly not alone, in this episode I chat with business mentor and mama Anita Banks and we break down the topics fear, resistance and self sabotage to help you understand and […]

Creative Healers Summit with Leonie Percy and Alison Palmer

I was so honoured to be part of this Summit featuring incredible thought leaders from around the globe. We chatted about how to have a successful business based around creativity and healing that transforms others people lives, including our own. I love being on this path of service. Every day I work on elevating my […]

Feminine Leadership Summit interview with Leonie Percy and Lisa Fitzpatrick.

This year is all about stepping into your divine feminine power. I asked the universe to help me spread my message (while I sit on the couch drinking a cacao hot chocolate as I grow a human)! So far this year (June) I  have been interviewed on 3 global summits. These emails from beautiful leaders […]

One step at a time with author Lizzy Williamson Ep#24

This is the final episode of series 2 ends with a magnificent conversation with author Lizzy Williamson. Lizzy helps mamas feel good, keep their sanity, get back their vitality and she motivates you to get moving. Founder of 2 minute moves Lizzy is famous for her 2 minute wine bottle workout. Since this chat Lizzy’s […]

Making life beautiful with Emma Veiga-Malta Ep#23

Today I chat with backdrop queen Emma who is the founder of Bespoke Backdrops. Emma is an incredible talent, an artist and a designer who has niched her business to specialise in stunning custom designed backdrops. Emma’s mission is to make life more beautiful and her business makes other businesses beautiful. Emma and I were […]

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur?

Mindfulness is the most powerful way to harness a successful business and fulfilling life. Managing a business combined with a family is overwhelming and can leave you gasping for air. 48% of the time you are on auto pilot. You are physically there but not mentally there. Lost in your own story. You are missing […]

Re-birthing the planet – Live mentoring with guest Nicole Moore Ep #22

Today is a live mentoring session where I have the pleasure to guide Nicole who is founder of Birth Into Being and she helps people deal with their birth trauma and helps conscious couples have a beautiful birthing experience. We chat about how to discover your niche by focusing on who you can help the […]